See the commands to be run by make

Passing -n to make just prints the commands that should be executed, e.g.:

$ make -n
make -C libkdump
gcc kaslr.c -o kaslr -Llibkdump -Ilibkdump -lkdump -static -O3 -pthread -Wno-attributes
gcc memdump.c -o memdump -Llibkdump -Ilibkdump -lkdump -static -O3 -pthread -Wno-attributes
gcc memory_filler.c -o memory_filler -Llibkdump -Ilibkdump -lkdump -static -O3 -pthread -Wno-attributes
gcc physical_reader.c -o physical_reader -Llibkdump -Ilibkdump -lkdump -static -O3 -pthread -Wno-attributes
gcc reliability.c -o reliability -Llibkdump -Ilibkdump -lkdump -static -O3 -pthread -Wno-attributes
gcc secret.c -o secret -Llibkdump -Ilibkdump -lkdump -static -O3 -pthread -Wno-attributes
gcc test.c -o test -Llibkdump -Ilibkdump -lkdump -static -O3 -pthread -Wno-attributes

This is really helpful in complex Makefile setups, where you can’t easily find what’s going to happen when trying to make a target.