About me

Nice to meet you! My name is Georgi and I’m a software engineer from Sofia, Bulgaria.

In my free time I:

  • play and create music (see the music corner)
  • read books
  • run and ride my bike
  • explore my city, my country, my Earth & take photos along the way

About the blog

I started blogging around 2005 and that’s (at least!) my third blog. And the first one in English. :)

Here I share stuff I’m passionate about, mostly programming-oriented. My main goal is to exercise my writing. But I’d be more than happy if someone finds the information on this site useful.

The TIL (“Today I learned”) section consists of quick and short posts on stuff I have learned. They are mostly written in a “flow of mind” way, without staying too much on my draft queue.

The blog is completely static, built with Jekyll/Octopress and hosted on Netlify. I don’t do any type of client-side tracking or analytics.


Want to give feedback, correct me or just say hi? Drop me an email! The address is in the footer.