Some things I (still) don't know

Hello, the end of 2021 is here and a lot of us love to sit back, relax and retrospect. I decided to make a list of all the things I still don’t know, after years working as a software engineer. The idea is not mine - I’ve borrowed it from a popular post on Hacker News (can’t find a link, though).

This is more of a personal exercise - to see where I am, where I’m going, and be more modest.

Let’s get started.


I’ve studied the basics of CPU architectures and assembly in my CS degree. But, hell, I can’t write anything or even understand any non-trivial piece of disassembled code.

Computer graphics

Another thing I’ve studied in university (even made an OpenGL course project!), but don’t know very well in the real life. I don’t have any chance of becoming a game developer at the moment. 😄


Sure, I’ve heard the basics about symmetric/asymmetric ciphers and stuff, but don’t know much besides the “multiplying primes” part.

Consensus protocols

Paxos? Byzantine faults? No idea what’s happening. I’ve always wanted to get deeper into distributed systems, but never found the right motivation.

A lot of other stuff…

Enough for today. This was just a random non-exhaustive list - obviously, I’m not a guru in all other areas. 😄